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Dr. Louise Cobb

(Associate - REDHEAD) - BSc(Immuno. & Anat.),M.Chiro

Graduating from Macquarie University in 2009,

Dr Louise has become well known in the Chiropractic community  for her passion for spines of all ages from adjusting newborn babies to those now enjoying their 104th year and counting!


After studying and teaching anatomy at Sydney University,

Dr Louise became fascinated with how a body’s structure governs its function and therefore how

much control we really have over our own health.

The Chiropractic philosophy resonated with her findings which led her to a new career path of healing.


Dr Louise volunteered in the Philippines, training students and adjusting disadvantaged communities with the incredible organisation Hands on Health. 


Dr Louise returned to Australia to begin practice on the 

Central Coast, before settling in Newcastle to start a

well adjusted family of her own and fulfil her mission to raise the bar on HEALTHcare through the highest standard of Chiropractic.

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