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Dr. Brooke Wilcher
(Director - REDHEAD) - B.Sci.M.Chiro

Dr Brooke is the Director of Life Rebel Chiropractic's Redhead practice. She graduated as Valedictorian from Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University in 2008.


Her 10+ years of practice have been dedicated to serving the people of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Dr Brooke has a deep passion for sharing the power of Chiropractic with people of every age. 

Her postgraduate studies include specialisation in pregnancy and paediatrics in line with her vision for providing complete family care... adjusting generations of families to ensure ideal growth, development  and to allow the body to adapt effectively to life’s stresses right from pre-conception.

Dr Brooke was drawn to Chiropractic after the transformation she personally experienced being adjusted as a child. The profound impact it had on her wellbeing allowed her to pursue an early career at elite level Swimming and Netball. 

With 3 beautiful children of her own, Dr Brooke is able to truly observe and experience just how vibrant, healthy and switched on kids can be when their body is nurtured from the start...

‘The body needs no help, it just needs no interference’ 

Dr Brooke Wilcher, Life Rebel Chiropractic
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